Not to be confused with Baar Dau.
"There are trickster spirits in many of Tamriel's cultures. The Khajiit and the Wood Elves have raised one to the level of a Major Divine. To them, Baan Dar represents genius, sly innovation, and agile wits. He is the nimble escape when trapped in a tight spot."
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In most of the districts of Valenwood, Baan Dar is a less important god than the others of the Bosmeri Pantheon. He is a trickster spirit of thieves and beggars. In Elsweyr he is one of the more important gods, and is considered one of the Pariah. As a Pariah, Baan Dar becomes the cleverness and desperate genius of the long suffering Khajiiti, whose last minute plans always upset the evil plans of their Elven or Nedic enemies.[1] The Five Finger Dance is Baan Dar's realm of worship. Worshippers of Baan Dar go to Thormar in Reaper's March to play pranks on each other in order to the be accepted into the Five Finger Dance.

He is known as the Bandit God there. The First Scroll of Baan Dar writes "The Legend... Thief, Warlock, ShadowMaster, Ruthless Assassin, Undying Avenger, Dark God, Robber Baron, MasterMind of Nefarious Plots. All these things and more are the Legendary Baan Dar, he who is called The Bandit God."[2]

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