Baandari Peddler

A Baandari Peddler

The Baandari are a clan of Khajiit merchants and peddlers found in various locations across Tamriel. They lost their homeland many generations ago and now they travel all over Tamriel.[1] The Baandari have a base of operations at the Baandari Trading Post located in Malabal Tor. The Baandari has made business all over Tamriel from Auridon in the Summerset Isles to the Alik'r Desert in Hammerfell.

The Baandari are a very clever lot that see the value in anything, even if an item is no longer wanted. Lawfully, it is acceptable for the Baandari to salvage anything since nobody cares about the property. They will tend to salvage anything and resell it to the locals as something new and exciting.[2]

Many visit the Baandari to seek their fortune in a similar way to Romani people. Prior to any visit, the Baandari will stay at local inns and listen in to any conversation in order to give a potential customer the best advice and to get a bigger pay for saying something that will probably never happen.[2]

The Baandari will sell only the finest wares to anyone will to buy such a priceless object. The Baandari will show the provenance, rarity, and the desirability of an item to prove that said item is valuable. The objective for the Baandari is to have the customer pay as much as possible for the item.[2]

The Way of the BaandariEdit

The Baandari follow a set of rules when traveling around the world and trading among commoners known as the Way of the Baandari.[3]

  • Do not slander another child of the Baandari.
  • Remain mindful in all dealings.
  • A gift must be returned in kind.
  • A fair trade need not be fair only in gold.
  • Truth and cleverness need not be enemies.
  • Find what is lost, trade what is found, and leave what has no purpose.





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