Baenlin's House belongs to Baenlin, a Bosmer resident of the city of Bruma. However, he spends most of his time outside of Bruma. The Nord, Gromm is Baenlin's manservant. His house is directly involved in the Dark Brotherhood quest "Accidents Happen." When Baenlin is killed during said quest, his nephew Caenlin claims the house.


This two story house has a basement with tables and chairs and some miscellaneous items. The first floor has a large entrance hall with a large fireplace, tables and chairs. Upstairs is the bedroom, a balcony overlooking the first floor and some storage rooms. Baenlin has three leveled chests, one in the bedroom, one in the storage room and one jewelry box, also in the bedroom.

Notable itemsEdit


Accidents HappenEdit

The Hero is tasked with killing a Bosmer named Baenlin in the town of Bruma. For the bonus reward, they must kill him in the manner specified as well as leaving the manservant Gromm alive.


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