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Bal Fell is a large Daedric Ruin in the Azura's Coast region of Morrowind. It was once a thriving settlement,[1] and, during the First Era, was known to have been an Aldmer wizard's settlement,[2] along with Ald Redaynia, Tel Aruhn, and Tel Mora, all in Morrowind.[2] It now serves as a shrine to Sheogorath.


Bal Fell, East WingEdit

The East Wing section is of itself of very little note, except for the two Dremora that are located inside it. However, in order to reach the other sections of Bal Fell, it is necessary to travel through this location.

Bal Fell, Inner ShrineEdit

Bal Fell, Outer ShrineEdit

The Outer Shrine contains several Mages Guild members.

Bal Fell, West WingEdit



Notable itemsEdit




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