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The Bal Molagmer were a faction of thieves during the Second Era and the end of the Third Era. Together, they stole from the unjust and gave to people in need.[1]


The legend call the Bal Molagmer "Stone Fire Men," who brought justice into the land. The name supposedly has something to do with their custom of taking fiery hot stones from Red Mountain. Their justice meant that they stole from the unjust to give it to people in need. They vanished towards the end of the Third Era.[2]


Gentleman Jim Stacey, Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild on Vvardenfell, wants the Nerevarine to "rekindle the fires" of the Bal Molagmer. He wants them to wear the gloves of the Bal Molagmer in a series of quests.

Related itemsEdit

The gloves of the Bal Molagmer were used to transport the hot stones from Red Mountain.[2] They are in the possession of Gentleman Jim Stacey and given to the Nerevarine during the related quests.



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