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Bal Ur is a Daedric ruin in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is on the east bank of the Nabia River in the Ascadian Isles, north of Suran and southeast of Marandus.



The shrine section is somewhat misnamed, as the altar is in the underground section. There are two entrances from the outside on the east and west sides of this area and the third door to the north leads to the underground. There are three Nords and two leveled Dremora here.


The underground starts with an entry area similar in architecture to the Shrine level. This ends at a cavern passageway that leads to the stairs where Derar Hlervu stands beneath the statue of Molag Bal. Beneath the statue are various offerings of glass items, gems and Daedra components. Unlike many shrines, these are not cursed and they have no owner.


Molag Bal of the House of TroublesEdit

Once the Nerevarine has returned with the Blessings of the Second Corner from the previous pilgrimage to the Second Corner of the House of Troubles, Archcanon Tholer Saryoni will give them the details of the Third Pilgrimage. This pilgrimage is to visit the statue of Molag Bal located in Bal Ur. The Nerevarine is instructed to receive the Blessings of the Third Corner from the Statue.

A Cure for VampirismEdit

If the Nerevarine is a Vampire and decides to get cured, this quest will involve their coming to Bal Ur and twice speaking to Molag Bal via his statue.

Notable itemsEdit

Underground Entry Area
  • Standard Fortify Fatigue Potion
On the altar of Molag Bal





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