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Balimund is a Nord blacksmith living in Riften. He works at The Scorched Hammer located near the marketplace.

Balimund opens up shop as soon as he kneels to work on the Tanning Rack at 7:30 AM. There are stacks of iron/steel ingots that respawn once a month in his house's basement.


Stoking the Flames[]

"Come to see Balimund perform miracles with steel, eh?"

Balimund gives out a miscellaneous quest in which the Dragonborn is required to bring him ten Fire Salts to fuel his forge.


Possessing an Amulet of Mara, the Dragonborn has the option of marrying Balimund after completing Stoking the Flames or investing in his business.

Asbjorn's Vengeance[]

If the Dragonborn kills Balimund, Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, his adopted son, will send Hired Thugs to kill them. He will continue to send thugs after the Dragonborn, usually only in or around Riften. Asbjorn will then run The Scorched Hammer, but will not be a trainer.


It is possible to buy or sell weapons, apparel and misc items from or to him. He is also an expert (up to level 75) Smithing trainer.


  • "Come to see Balimund perform miracles with steel, eh?"
  • "What brings you to Balimund today? Repair? Purchase?"
  • "Nothing like the smell of a white, hot blade, eh?"
  • "Looking for some armor, a weapon perhaps?"
  • "You wish to do what I do? Very well." – if asked for training
  • "Return anytime. You're quite welcome here." – after completing his quest
  • "Get out of my sight." – after abandoning the wedding 


  • Once he has been brought the Fire Salts and becomes a friend, the Dragonborn will receive 100 Gold (minus the Jarl's tax) in inheritance, if he dies.
  • After marrying Balimund, Asbjorn will become the Dragonborn's stepchild.


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  •  360   Balimund may not retain his shop when married. He will only provide the daily sum of gold.HF
  •  360   His daily sum of gold may not accumulate.HF
  •  360   If the Dragonborn lives in Heljarchen Hall, Balimund may only sell things to them if they are both standing in the house's entryway.HF