"Did Lord Diel send you? Well, there's nothing new to report, except that my brother is an idiot."
―Balin Remly[src]

Balin Remly is a Breton residing in Glenumbra, High Rock. He and his brother Armel are out setting traps to catch harpies to take their eggs.


The Dagger's EdgeEdit

Lord Diel of Daggerfall and his sons are investigating the recent harpy attacks all along the coast. They hired a group of mercenaries called the Daggers to help them with their research, but the Daggers never returned from the Shrieking Scar.

Rusty DaggersEdit


Show: The Dagger's Edge

"Did Lord Diel send you? Well, there's nothing new to report, except that my brother is an idiot. Armel placed dozens of traps and he just realized something. Harpies don't walk! Now we're trying to figure out how to salvage the situation."

What are you trying to do?
"We're trying to capture a few of these creatures. Lord Diel wants to observe the harpies and see if they demonstrate any odd behavior that might explain the recent acts of aggression. But we're still working on our traps, as you can see."

Are all your traps set on the ground?
"We've got some throwing snares. The only problem is the damn harpies are too strong. They need to be weakened before you hit them with the throwing snares. I may have a sword, but I'm not a fighter. That's too dangerous an approach for me."
Give me the throwing snares. How many harpies do you need?
"Lord Diel said a few. So four, I'd say. Yes, four harpies should do. If this works, please tell his lordship that we gave you the traps, all right?"
After meeting Balin in the Lord Diel's Camp:

"Something's not right. Gelvin hasn't returned yet and Lord Diel's getting more and more impatient. By Azura, he doesn't look like he intends to do much research, either. I think he likes to watch those creatures suffer."

After meeting Balin at the beach:

"When Gelvin gets like this, it makes the rest of us extremely nervous."


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