Not to be confused with Galathil.
"Sea sickness? The biggest swells we hit wouldn't have made my old mother queasy. And half the trip he spent in the cabins, swilling that awful meat brew Bosmer love."
Captain Erronfaire[src]

Balithil is an Bosmer sailor on the Wave Cutter who resides in the Aegis of Auri-El in Vulkhel Guard, Auridon. After the last voyage, he is refusing to return to work on accounts of his sea-sickness.


Unaccounted CrewEdit

Captain Erronfaire will ask for help finding three members of her crew that have not reported in. Balithil is one of the missing crew members that the Vestige must pick up as the goal of this quest. He will complain about having sea sickness and he refuses to come back to the ship. If not yet found, he can help give the locations of Anala and Tanamo.


  • "Ah, yes. Yes. No. No, I don't think so. Once was enough for me. These legs were made for the land, and that's where they'll stay."
  • "Sea sickness. My guts are over there in the corner, if you want to examine the aftermath. Oh, I wish I'd listened to Degail. Such a smart girl."


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