For the Skill, see Ballista (Skill).
EP ballistae.

An Ebonheart Pact ballistae.

Ballista are a type of siege weapon available for use in The Elder Scrolls Online.[1] They are useful for destroying other types of siege weapons.


Each alliance has three types of ballista:

  • Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a normal bolt that deals very high damage to buildings and enemy siege weapons, but less damage to enemy players.
  • Fire Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a fire bolt that deals fire damage to players plus damage over time.
  • Lightning Ballista - This type of ballista shoots a lightning bolt that ensnares enemies, reduecing their movement speed for a few seconds.


All ballista are good at destroying enemy siege weapons while normal ballista deals the highest damage, fire and lightning ballista deal high damage to both siege weapons and their users. For destroying walls and doors, normal ballista are much better than other types of ballista and due to their fast reload time, even better than Stone Trebuchet. Fire and Lightning Ballista are also good at killing enemies due to their decent damage and fast reload. The weaknesses of ballista are their low radian that they can't shoot enemies behind walls and they are easier to be destroyed than other siege weapons.



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