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Balmora is a city which appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. The Silt Strider service in this city travels to Gnisis and Vivec City.



Divine InquiriesEdit

The Vestige must investigate Balmora and Ald'ruhn.

Fleeing the PastEdit

Help Sergeant Faldrus locate Veya.

Of Faith and FamilyEdit

Quest that follows after "Fleeing the Past."

A Purposeful WritEdit

Follows the Morag Tong previous quests.

Family ReunionEdit


Like Blood from a StoneEdit


The Memory StoneEdit

The Vestige must travel to important locations in Gilan Lerano's life.

Notable itemsEdit


Balmora Tribunal TempleEdit

Lord Drono's TownhouseEdit

The Randy Netch InnEdit

Redoran KinhouseEdit





  • During the quest "The Slavers," the Ember-Eye Recruit outside the tent will remark "This one will fetch a high price in Balmora.", indicating that there is possibly a slave market in the city.
  • There is an ancestral tomb rubbing just outside Balmora's main gate.


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