Balur Salvu is a Dunmer farmer who resides in Morrowind. Balaur lives on a Farmhouse near Vivec City-Pelagaid road.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Gathering Marshmerrow

"Well, well! You brung me a little present from Sera Synnolian, eh? Good on you. He's a good old flah, for an outlander. And what can I do you for?"

do you for "Sera Synnolian needs marshmerrow, eh? Not a problem. There's a little field of marshmerrow growing right here next to my house. Help yourself. And my regards to Sera Synnolian. And that's all you need?"
That's all, thanks. "You're welcome. And good day."
Teach me something? "Well, now. With this fine Strength potion you brung me, won't take no time at all to grub out those roots for the new marshmerrow plot. Thank you kindly. Why don't you take this book? I know it by heart already. Experience and practice is the real stuff, but there's nothing wrong with a little book learning. Well, then. Reckon I better get back to work. Good day. And my regards to Sera Synnolian."

If approached again:

"Good day to you, Nerevarine (Player name). Is there anything I can do you for?"

do you for "Hope you find the book useful. I did."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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