Bandits avatar (Legends)
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Bandits is the name of an opponent in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Chapter 4Edit

Kellen: "The Dremora's words unnerved the hero. They journeyed north to meet Laaneth, a sorceress friend of Tyr's well versed in Daedric matters. But the road ahead was far from clear."
Bandit (Khajiit voice): "Look what we have here. Standard fee. Hand over your coin or you die."
Bandit: "This is our road. Nobody passes without paying a tribute."
Tyr: "We haven't got any money. As for taking our lives..."


Tyr: "We're outnumbered. Let's take some of them out before they overwhelm us."


  • The Bandits has only 20 health and 3 runes and the deck has only 30 cards.


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  •  PC   Due to a bug Guild Recruit is the second card that the Bandits will draw and later use.


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