Bangkorai Butcher is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


  • Bangkorai Butcher can be acquired by purchasing Core Set packs or by soul summoning it for 50 gems.


Many Orc cards work best when used in conjunction with other Orcs, and the Bangkorai Butcher is one of the best examples of this. Played by itself or with a non-Orc, it is moderately powerful, but there are other Might cards for the same Magicka cost with better stats. When the Bangkorai Butcher joins another friendly Orc, on the other hand, you get a 6/5 creature for just 4 Magicka, making the Butcher a must-have for any serious Orc deck.

If drawn early in the game, it is best to wait until you have other Orcs on the battlefield before playing Bangkorai Butcher. Alternately, if you have no Orcs on the battlefield but have enough Magicka, play this card immediately after a low-cost Orc card. When used in conjunction with other Orc cards, such as the Wrothgar Artisan or Militant Chieftain, or when buffed by a Soul Tear or Warrior's Fury, the Bangkorai Butcher can quickly become a formidable creature.


  • "We must join forces." – When summoned with no friendly Orcs in play
  • "There is strength in unity." – When summoned with a friendly Orc in play
  • "Blood and honor!" – When attacking
  • "Mauloch's left fang!" – When attacking
  • "I'll cripple you!" – When attacking



  • Playing the Bangkorai Butcher applies the "Mob Mentality" effect.


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