"Banished cards are removed from the game."
―Game Terms[src]

Banish is a keyword that allows a creature with Banish to remove cards from the game.


Banishing a creature removes it from the game. This means it is not available in the player's deck or discard pile during the match.


The following list includes cards with the keyword itself, as well as any cards that are related to it:

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Name Attributes Cost Attack Health Type Subtype Rarity Unique? Text
Icon legends willpower Willpower 5 Action Rare Banish a creature.
Icon legends willpower Willpower 4 Item Legendary Yes +4/+4
Slay: Banish the slain creature if it's Undead.
Icon legends strength Strength 2 Action Rare Deal 2 damage to a creature. If this would kill it, instead Banish it.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 5 5 5 Creature Undead
Epic Summon: Banish your opponent's discard pile.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 4 4 4 Creature Daedra Epic Guard
Choose a card in your opponent's discard pile.
Banish all cards from your opponent's discard pile and deck with the same name as the chosen card.
Icon legends intelligence Intelligence 5 Action Legendary No For each attribute your opponent is playing, Banish the top 2 cards of your opponent's deck.
Empower: +1 card per attribute.
Icon legends neutral Neutral 13 Action Legendary Yes Costs 1 less for each Unique creature in your discard pile.
Banish a creature. Deal 2 damage to all enemies.


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