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A Bank is a place where the Vestige can deposit and withdraw gold and items in The Elder Scrolls Online. The bank serves as a place of storage. Starting storage space can hold up to 60 items and can be upgraded by 10 by buying more bank space. The available space is double if the player owns the ESO Plus subscription.

A Guild Bank and Guild Store are also forms of bank storage.

Upgrade costsEdit

  • 1,000 GoldIcon to store 70 items
  • 3,300 GoldIcon to store 80 items
  • 6,800 GoldIcon to store 90 items
  • 11,400 GoldIcon to store 100 items
  • 20,500 GoldIcon to store 110 items
  • 28,300 GoldIcon to store 120 items
  • 31,700 GoldIcon to store 130 items
  • 37,500 GoldIcon to store 140 items
  • 42,700 GoldIcon to store 150 items
  • 45,000 GoldIcon to store 160 items
  • 50,000 GoldIcon to store 170 items
  • 55,000 GoldIcon to store 180 items
  • 60,000 GoldIcon to store 190 items
  • 65,000 GoldIcon to store 200 items
  • 70,000 GoldIcon to store 210 items
  • 75,000 GoldIcon to store 220 items
  • 80,000 GoldIcon to store 230 items
  • 85,000 GoldIcon to store 240 items

Total: 768,200


Aldmeri DominionEdit

Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Ebonheart PactEdit



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