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Bank Courier is a House Hlaalu quest available to the Nerevarine regardless of faction membership.



Edryno Arethi, located at her house in Vivec City's Hlaalu Waistworks, requests that a sealed treasury report be delivered to Baren Alen at the in the Hlaalu Treasury vaults.

Bank CourierEdit

The delivery itself is a fairly simple one, simply requiring the Nereavarine to walk across the Waistworks to the Treasury. However, the Nerevarine may open the report, although Arethi will not pleased if the Nerevarine decides to do that deed, (furthermore the report is written in code, preventing it from being understood). However, if opened it can be re-sealed with a sufficient Security skill. Once the report is delivered, return to Arethi to complete the quest.


If the report is sealed:

  • 50 gold
  • +10 disposition (Baren Alen and Edryno Arethi)
  • +10 reputation (House Hlaalu)

If the report is not sealed:

  • No monetary reward
  • -10 disposition (Baren Alen and Edryno Arethi)
  • -10 reputation (House Hlaalu)


Bank Courier – HH_BankCourier
IDJournal Entry
10Edryno Arethi wants me to deliver sealed orders to Treasurer Baren Alen in the Hlaalu Vaults in Vivec. The vaults are part of the treasury, which is in the top level of the Hlaalu Waistworks on the north side.
  • Quest accepted
50I delivered the sealed orders to Baren Alen.
100Edryno Arethi thanked me for delivering the sealed orders.
  • Quest completed


  • The final journal entry always states that the report was delivered sealed, even if it is not true.
  • If the Nerevarine is a member of House Hlaalu, the report can later be purchased from Alen while speaking with him to obtain the Hlaalu stronghold land deed.

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