"Good day. I'm Banor Seran, publican of the Council Club here in Balmora. We rent beds, and I have a limited selection of goods for barter. If you're new here, I can also tell you where to look for other services, or a specific place nearby. If you're looking for someone in particular, I may be able to help."
―Banor Seran[src]

Banor Seran is a Dunmer Publican who resides in Balmora and can be found at the Council Club, and is a member of the Camonna Tong.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Brandy for the Fundraising Dinner[edit | edit source]


Inventory[edit | edit source]

In his inventory is:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Brandy for the Fundraising Dinner

"We rent beds. I have some goods for barter. What do you want?"

donate Cyrodilic brandy "Five bottles of Cyrodilic brandy? For the Imperial cult? Do I look like an Imperial stooge to you? Get out of here."
donate Cyrodilic brandy (If disposition is at least 70) "You seem a decent sort. If stupid. Let me make myself clear. No brandy for the Imperial cult, imported or otherwise. Do you understand me?"
donate Cyrodilic brandy (If disposition is at least 90) "Against my will, I'm impressed by your lack of courtesy and good sense. Here. This is a bottle of Cyrodilic brandy. A small price to be rid of you. Now, go away. And stay away."
donate Cyrodilic brandy "You're being tiresome. Go away."

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