"Walk with darkness, child of the Night Mother."
―Banus Alor[src]

Banus Alor quote

Banus Alor is a Dunmer assassin and a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood's Black Hand.

Black Hand and deathEdit

While he was a member of the Black Hand, the traitor began to become active. With the traitor increasingly killing random family members, he and the other members of the Black Hand met to discuss the ritual of purification. They decided that they had no choice and unleashed a particular rising and ambitious, new member of the family, the Hero, on the Ritual of Purification.

The Hero killed all of the members of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, where it was presumed the traitor had been or was still a resident of. Later the Black Hand, thinking that Lucien Lachance, a Speaker of the Black Hand, was the traitor, killed Lachance, and mutilated his body beyond all recognition.

Banus traveled to the Night Mother's Tomb with the rest of the Black Hand to elect a new Listener, where he was murdered by Mathieu Bellamont, who was the real traitor, though his death would be avenged by the Hero and Arquen, a fellow Black Hand member.


Following a LeadEdit

The Hero must now travel to the city of Anvil. Once there, they should wait near the barrel behind the statue in the pond, and see who comes to set up this fake dead drop. They must then confront this person and find out why they've been tampering with the contracts.

Honor Thy MotherEdit

After Lucien's death by the Black Hand, Arquen suggests that the Hero and the remaining members meet with the Night Mother to discuss the next steps for the Dark Brotherhood. The Hero is to speak with Arquen between 12 am and 3 am in Bravil.


Honor Thy MotherEdit

"Our troubles are almost at an end, Brother. Soon we will visit the Night Mother, and she will surely guide us."

Lucien Lachance "The four of us attacking him in unison was as graceful and beautiful as a ballet! The flashing of steel, the spraying of blood!"

"Sithis be with you."


  • "May we forever serve the Night Mother..."



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