Bar Brawl is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The Nerevarine is sent to deal with Seler Favelnim, who is on a rampage at the Raven Rock bar.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Falco Galenus or Carnius Magius to receive the quest.
  • Go to the bar.
  • Talk to Seler Favelnim's wife, Dralora Favelnim.
  • Enter the bar and do not attack Seler.
  • Eventually, a conversation will be engaged which allows the Nerevarine to choose either to calm him down or kill him.
  • Report back to the quest giver for a reward.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A few days after completing "To Catch a Thief" or "Aiding and Abetting," speak with either Falco or Carnius, depending on who you sided with. They will tell the Nerevarine that Seler Favelnim has been going on a rampage at the bar in Raven Rock, and needs to be stopped.

Upon approaching the bar, Seler's wife, Dralora Favelnim, will approach the Nerevarine and ask them not to kill her husband, stating that he has been sick and tired lately.

Upon entering the bar, Seler will talk to the Nerevarine and initiate combat. Do not fight back. After a while, he will speak to you and start complainng about his life. you will have multiple opportunities to pick a dialogue option that will make him hostile again. Do not do this, listen to his full story. After a bit of dialogue, he will be convinced that his family is important and that he shouldn't just throw his life away.

Return to your questgiver to get your reward. Alternatively, if you sided with Carnius, you can just kill Seler and still get the reward.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Bar Brawl
Falco needs me to deal with Seler Favelnim, who's on some sort of rampage at the Raven Rock bar.
  • Quest accepted
Seler Favelnim has apparently gone crazy, and is on some sort of rampage in the bar. Carnius wants me to deal with him immediately.
Dralora Favelnim stopped me outside the bar, and begged me to not hurt her husband.
Seler Favelnim challenged me to kill him before he kills me.
Seler Favelnim stopped attacking me after he became too tired to fight.
I convinced Seler Favelnim to calm down and return home, so that he may live out the few years he has left in comfort with his family.
I have killed Seler Favelnim.
Falco was satisfied that Seler Favelnim had been taken care of.
  • Quest complete
Falco was disappointed to hear of Seler Favelnim's death, but does not hold it against me.
  • Quest complete
Carnius paid me for dealing with Seler Favelnim.
  • Quest complete
Carnius didn't mind that I'd killed Seler Favelnim, and thanked me for dealing with him.
  • Quest complete

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