Barathrum Centrata is the central hub of the Imperial City Sewers in Cyrodiil.

It connects to the Alessian Tombs to the northwest (Ebonheart Pact), Wavering Veil to southwest (Daggerfall Covenant), and Weaver's Nest to east (Aldmeri Dominion).

There are several Daedric portals throughout, both on the outer ring and the central column. The outer ring portals will give chests when the Daedra waves are defeated. The central portals will spawn each spawn a random Xivkyn general when the generic Daedra waves are defeated. Defeating three generals will cause the Simulacrum of Molag Bal to spawn, which has a chance to drop the Soul-Shriven skin or the Stonefire Scamp pet (but only the top 12 damage dealers will have a chance to get per each spawn).

Note that other players may hide in stealth and wait to attack after the boss is defeated. Therefore, it is recommended to use abilities like Expert Hunter, and spread out to avoid group wipes from "bombing".

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