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"Hah, you mortals. You always make me laugh. Yup, I'm a talking dog. Name's Barbas. I'm a companion to the Daedric Prince of Wishes. Guy by the name of Clavicus Vile."

Barbas is a servant of Clavicus Vile who usually takes the form of a talking dog. He can be found inside Willowgrove Cavern in Reaper's March. He also sometimes works as a merchant in the form of a scamp, under the name Creeper.


Questionable ContractEdit

The Vestige must find a way to enable Pircalmo's ritual. Inside the cavern, Barbas will tell the them to destroy the altar. Doing this will enable Pircarmo's magic but will also free Barbas from his binding to the cavern.

Divine InterventionEdit


Divine RestorationEdit



  • "His wife will get eaten if you sit around talking to dogs all day."



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