Bard's Leap Summit is a landmark located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located high in the mountains of The Reach. A large waterfall is clearly visible from the distance as one approaches the area. This location can be reached through Lost Valley Redoubt.

This is one of the locations where the quest item Hrolfdir's Shield can be found in a chest near the Word Wall, which contains one word of the Become Ethereal shout.

Word WallEdit

Facing away from the diving spot one can see a structure with some tanned leather in front of it. Behind that there are two hagravens creating a Forsworn Briarheart. Kill the hagravens before they resurrect the briarheart. After killing both hagravens, collect the word of power and loot the chest. If the Dragonborn is at a higher level, one of the hagravens may have a Daedra heart.


After reaching the cliff top, follow the stone bridge to overlook the waterfall. Then jump off the diving area and land in a small pool (the shout Become Ethereal or a horse is good insurance here). Upon leaving the pool, the Dragonborn will be met by the ghost of the bard Azzadal, who will tell his tale of an unsuccessful attempt to make the dive. After speaking with him, the Speech skill will increase with two levels.


  • The Dragonborn does not have to leap from this location, merely walk off the side of the diving board and skid down the rock face behind the waterfall.
  • Knocking enemies from the top of the summit, by using Unrelenting Force or other means, may cause them to land in the pool and survive the fall.
  • Azzadal makes mention that he performed the entirety of the "Poetic Edda." The real life Poetic Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems which helped preserve some of Norse mythology after the spread of Christianity into Scandinavian territories.


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  • When fast traveling to this location on or with a horse, it's possible the horse will spawn above the waterfall and float in the air, or for the horse to fall to its death, especially if one has followers. Even Shadowmere can be swiftly killed by fast travelling to this location.
  • Likewise, if the Dragonborn has multiple followers, for example, a human and one or two thralls or a dog, it is possible (when fast travelling to this location) that one or more followers, or the Dragonborn, or any combination of the above, may fall or be accidentally pushed off the edge, potentially causing death. It is best when traveling with horses or an entourage to fast travel to a nearby location and walk to Bard's Leap Summit from there.
  • A horse that is owned may be lost after the Dragonborn takes the leap. This can affect all horses in-game and all horses will either be stolen or borrowed.


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