Template:SkyrimLandmarks Its located high in the mountains of The Reach. A large waterfall is clearly visible from the distance as one approaches the area. This location can only be reached by fighting through Lost Valley Redoubt.

The source of the waterfall can be traced to somewhere within the Jerall Mountains. The waterfall then flows north-west to meet with the Karth River.


After reaching the cliff top, follow the stone bridge to overlook the waterfall. When jumping off the diving area you will land in a small pool. Upon leaving the pool, the Dragonborn will be met by the ghost of a bard, Azzadal, who will tell his tale of an unsuccessful attempt. After speaking with him, your Speechcraft will increase one level.


  • If you fast travel to the location on a horse, it's possible the horse will spawn above the waterfall and float in the air. It is also possible for your horse to fall to his death when fast traveling to this location.
  • If you have a horse that is owned by you, and you take the leap, it is possible that the horse will no longer be in your possession. This affects all horses in-game and all horses you ride will either be stolen or borrowed. Since a stolen or borrowed horse will immediately walk home upon dismount, this can be frustrating. The fix is to simply load a save from before the jump and not take it.
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