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"Intelligent and personable, they prefer to accomplish tasks with their words first, and sword second."
―In-game description

Bards have the gift of a silver tongue and work very well with people, but should not be underestimated as fighters for their blades are as sharp as their mind and tongue. They are also adept at the magical school of illusion magic and are capable alchemists.

The Bard is a premade class with the following stats:



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Description and useEdit

The bard is an entertainer of the people. They can persuade the crowds to do their bidding or get better deals by haggling with a merchant. They prefer to talk their way out of conflicts but if that can't be done they have many options. They could become invisible and escape before the enemy realizes they have gone. The bard can also swiftly end a fight with a well timed strike with a poisoned blade and flee, letting their enemy die while being pursued by them. But if need be the bard can also stay and fight. The bard is a nimble fighter and prefers the comfort and agility provided by lighter armors. A longsword and shield suits the bard well.

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