Oceane Coravel Bard

Oceane Coravel, a bard at the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest.

For other uses, see Bard.

Bards are musicians found all across Tamriel. They are individuals who play songs on their instruments, and sometimes sing the lyrics.

List of BardsEdit

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Bards in the Aldmeri DominionEdit

Name Gender Location Zone Instrument Sings
Eye-Fancy M Mistral Khenarthi's Roost Lute No
Unknown Name F Mistral, The Boatman's Trail Khenarthi's Roost Lute Yes
Kithald M Temple of the Mourning Springs Khenarthi's Roost Lute [?]
Tahmin the Troubadour M Vulkhel Guard Auridon Lute Yes
Yazita F Barbed Hook Tavern, Skywatch Auridon Lute No
Annagail F Skywatch Wayshrine, Skywatch Auridon Lute Yes
Lorais F Skywatch Auridon Lute Yes
Steir the Steady M Skywatch Auridon Drum No
Fadama F Skywatch Manor, Skywatch Auridon Flute No
Minriel F Skywatch Manor, Skywatch Auridon Lute No
Ealare [?] Overlook Inn, Firsthold Auridon Lute Yes
Shawia F Elden Tree, Elden Root Grahtwood Lute No
Fasana F Outside Inn, Elden Root Grahtwood Lute Yes
Nessa Inkskin F Undaunted Enclave, Elden Root Grahtwood Lute No
Elderien M Town Center, Marbruk Greenshade Lute Yes
Rendarion M Woodhearth Greenshade Lute Yes
Thoronir [?] Shademist Moors Greenshade Lute [?]
Gilinora Birdsong [?] Trader's Rest, Velyn Harbor Malabal Tor Lute Yes
Faulbor [?] Upper floor of Vaults of Velyn Harbor, Velyn Harbor Malabal Tor Flute No
Landomas [?] Tall Trunk Tavern, Vulkwasten Malbal Tor Lute No
Ostarion [?] Outside Silver Moons Inn, Baandari Trading Post Malabal Tor Flute No
Livia Nasica [?] Camp near entrance, Dune Reaper's March Flute No

Bards in the Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Name Location Zone Instrument Sings
Axel Plourde The Rosy Lion, Daggerfall Glenumbra Lute Yes
Falarel Daggerfall Glenumbra Lute [?]
Leonaud Bad Man's Hallows Glenumbra Lute [?]
Bisquelas the Bard Merchant District, Wayrest Stormhaven Lute Yes
Oceane Coravel Cloudy Dregs Inn, Wayrest Stormhaven Lute [?]
Clovis Lan Wayrest Stormhaven [?] [?]
Destane the Bard At-Tura Estate Stormhaven [?] [?]
Bastibien Renaudin Dead Wolf Inn, Shornhelm
The Sloshing Tankard, Northpoint
Rivenspire [?] [?]
Dorodir Headman Bhosek's Palace, Port Hunding Stros M'Kai Flute No
Haraddal Port Hunding Stros M'Kai Lute [?]
Elphaniel Screaming Mermaid, Port Hunding Stros M'Kai Lute [?]
Elphinia Light-Tongued Statue of Sir Byric, Evermore Bangkorai Lute [?]

Bards in the Ebonheart PactEdit

Name Location Zone Instrument Sings
Siriaki Black-Owl The Watch House, Davon's Watch Stonefalls Lute Yes
Helpirion The Ebony Flask, Ebonheart Stonefalls [?] [?]
Izandar Kragenmoor Stonefalls Flute No
Odrys Drim Kragenmoor Stonefalls Lute [?]
Athanas Samori In front of The Flaming Nix, Mournhold Deshaan Lute Yes
Akishan Hatching Pools Shadowfen Lute [?]
Anriel Riften The Rift [?] [?]
Garrimar Windhelm Eastmarch Lute No
Fargurd Windhelm Eastmarch Lute Yes
Nil the Bard Cold Moon Inn, Windhelm Eastmarch Lute No
Arani Longhair The Sober Nord Tavern, Windhelm Eastmarch Lute No
Meluuran The Withered Tree, Riften The Rift [?] [?]
Alldin Skald's Retreat The Rift [?] [?]
Engling Skald's Retreat The Rift [?] [?]
Hjelda Skald's Retreat The Rift [?] [?]
Knudikur Skald's Retreat The Rift [?] [?]
Enjaadia Riverside Inn, Nimalten The Rift [?] [?]
Budolen Fairsong Pilgrim's Rest Inn, Ivarstead The Rift [?] [?]
Eofel The Horker's Tusk Tavern, Ivarstead The Rift Lute No
Logod Geirmund's Hall The Rift Lute No
Skald Jakaral Geirmund's Hall The Rift [?] [?]
Domar Fullhelm Fort The Rift [?] [?]
Holsorr the Tuneful Fort Amol Eastmarch [?] [?]

Bards in Neutral zonesEdit

Name Location Zone Instrument Sings
Halion Chorrol Cyrodiil [?] [?]
Javid Applewatch Inn, Applewatch Cyrodiil [?] [?]
Hautt Silvertongue The Everfull Flagon Coldharbour [?] [?]
Petronius Libo Crossroads Tavern, Belkarth Craglorn Lute Yes
Beritta Crow-Song Caravan Company Depot, Dragonstar Craglorn Lute Yes
Dulcilla Iullus Nobles District, Imperial City City IsleIC Flute No
Jyllia Mallory Orsinium Wayshrine, Orsinium WrothgarOR Flute No
Orzbara Fighters Guild, Orsinium WrothgarOR Lute No
Tugam Talespinner Tumnosh Longhouse, Tumnosh Clanhold WrothgarOR Drum [?]
Alinya Behind Bank of Abah's Landing, Abah's Landing Hew's BaneTG Flute No
Amjhad Outside Spotless Goods Shipping Concern, Abah's Landing Hew's BaneTG Drum No
Dombuza Hubalajad Palace, Abah's Landing Hew's BaneTG [?] [?]
Qasrin Hew's Mane, Abah's Landing Hew's BaneTG Lute No
Mrylav Aralor Saint Delyn Waistworks in the Canton of St. Delyn the Wise, Vivec City VvardenfellO:M Lute Yes
Altansawen Saint Olms Waistworks in the Canton of St. Olms the Just, Vivec City VvardenfellO:M Lute No
Broder Sarandas Abandoned hut south of Ahemmusa Camp VvardenfellO:M Lute No
Orninlusea Shimmerene SummersetSM Lute Yes
Forelfin Shimmerene SummersetSM Drum No
Endolale Shimmerene SummersetSM Lute Yes





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