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"I'm a bard by trade. Perhaps you've heard of me."

The Bards College is a joinable faction that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Located in Solitude, the guild consists of bards, poets and public speakers. Joining the college requires completing a quest for the guild's headmaster, Viarmo

History[edit | edit source]

The Bards College was first formed during the Second Era as part of the Guilds Act.[1][2] It is also very briefly mentioned during the events of the Planemeld.[3]

Admittance[edit | edit source]

Viarmo, headmaster.

Upon entering the Bards College, admission can be requested from Viarmo. He will ask the Dragonborn to go to Dead Men's Respite to retrieve the missing verses from a poem about King Olaf One-Eye, called King Olaf's Verse. However, some of the verses are faded beyond readable, so the Dragonborn and Viarmo will have to "reconstruct" the poem by making up some lines so that Solitude's Jarl can be convinced to allow the burning of Olaf event. After this, the Dragonborn is requested to take part in the event, which will serve as their inauguration to the Bards College.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

After becoming a member of the guild, items can be freely used or taken from the college. The College contains no loot of immense value, but does contain many books. The teachers at the College will see the Dragonborn as an "adventuring type" and ask them to search for misplaced items and artifacts. Once these items are found, the teachers will provide massive free training: all 18 skills can be raised by one level each.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only Viarmo is labeled as essential.
  • Despite joining the college and becoming a full-fledged bard by completing all the available quests, there is no way to play any instrument in-game.

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