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Leona Blasio: Imperial, well-educated, kind of a snob, but she knows her way around a Dwemer ruin!

Snorfin: Burly, obnoxious Nord with a surprising knack for locating rare and unusual items. You really can't judge a bell by its chimes!

Volrina Quarra: Imperial, studied with both Narsis Dren and myself for a time before becoming a free agent. Now she works alongside her brother. Someday she might challenge my superior intellect, but not quite yet.

Dwemer Components: I need the following Dwarven components to build a tonal inverter.

Sonance Generator: A sound-producing engine of Dwarven design.

Inversion Conduit: A negatively charged plate to transpose the flow of energy.

Manual Clockwork Shaft: A complex Dwarven crank for making gears rotate and pistons operate.


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