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"Yes...the Mazed Band, Barilzar himself was a powerful mage...quite powerful, in fact. He Created the band sometime in the middle of the Second Era, and soon after disappeared."
Gavas Drin[src]

Barilzar's Mazed Band is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "The Shrine of the Dead." The Nerevarine is tasked with retrieving Barilzar's Mazed Band from the Abandoned Crypt in Old Mournhold's underground.



With the Shrine of the Dead cleansed, the Nerevarine may return to the Temple. Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin will direct the Nerevarine to Fedris Hler in order to continue their work for the Temple. Hler will tell the Nerevarine that Almalexia has demanded Barilzar's Mazed Band, an artifact of apparent importance to the god. The ring may be found in an Abandoned Crypt under Mournhold.

Temple SewersEdit

Old Mournhold, Abandoned Crypt - Tribunal

The entrance to the crypt

The Nerevarine will have to enter the Temple Sewer system which runs under the Temple, which can be accessed from the basement. In the northwestern corner, the Nerevarine may have previously found a pile of rocks blocking a passage way. Now, as indicated by Fedris, the rocks have been removed, allowing the Nerevarine access to the Abandoned Crypt.

Lord of LichesEdit

Inside the Crypt, the Hero will encounter a number of liches and rats as they journey deeper. At the end of the Crypt, the Nerevarine will emerge in a cavern, guarded by a unique Lich who identifies itself as Barilzar. Barilzar will engage the Nerevarine in a short dialogue, before attacking, he will use Blind spells and a Daedric Claymore). After Barilzar is defeated, the Nerevarine must take his ring and return to the Temple.

Audience with a GodEdit

The Nerevarine must take the ring to Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin. Drin will inform the Nerevarine that Almalexia has requested that they go to see her in the High Chapel. Almalexia will take the ring from the Nerevarine, refusing to answer questions about its use. She will, however,  grant the Nerevarine a new power, Almalexia's Light. The mournhold Temple members will not have any more quests for the Nerevarine after this point.


  • Almalexia's Light (allows the Nerevarine to restore 25 points to all attributes once per day)


Barilzar's Mazed Band – TR_MazedBand
ID Journal Entry
10Gavas Drin has told me that Fedris Hler would like to speak to me.
20I have spoken to Fedris Hler, and apparently Almalexia was pleased enough with the jobs I have done that she has a special assignment for me. I am to retrieve an artifact, Barilzar's Mazed Band, from the tombs beneath the Temple and return it at once. The band is supposed to be in an Abandoned Crypt, which I can reach through a passage in the northwest section of the Temple Sewers.
  • Quest accepted
30Hler knows very little about Barilzar's Mazed Band, but suggests I speak with Gavas Drin, who may know a bit more about it.
40Drin tells me that the Mazed Band is a powerful ring created long ago by the wizard Barilzar. Drin says he does not know the artifacts [sic] purpose, or the extent of it's [sic] powers, but only that the goddess wishes to retrieve it. He assumes that she will use it to better minister to her people here in Mournhold.
50I've asked Barenziah about the Mazed Band. She had heard of it, but did not know it's [sic] true origin. She believed that it was a powerful artifact, but that it was dangerous.
53Plitinius Mero did not wish to speak to me about the Mazed Band. He believes it is an evil artifact, and something that is best left buried. It was an odd reaction from this rational scholar.
55I've spoken with Torasa Aram, the curator at the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. She had heard of the band, but was unsure whether it truly existed. The band is rumored to be very powerful, and only able to be worn and used by beings of divine power.
60I have encountered the ancient lich lord Barilzar, creator of the Mazed Band. He tells me that the band is never to be used again, and that he will defend it until his own death.
70I have retrieved Barilzar's Mazed Band.
80'I've returned to Fedris Hler with the Mazed Band. He has told me to speak with Gavas Drin for further instructions.
90Gavas Drin tells me that the Mazed Band is to be given directly to Almalexia. I am to proceed to the High Chapel and speak directly with the goddess.
100The goddess Almalexia has taken the Mazed Band and thanked me for my efforts. She has blessed me with a new ability, Almalexia's Light, and told me that I might be of further assistance to her one day.
  • Quest completed


  • It is advised that the "Crimson Plague" quest is completed before this one, as it will not be available after An Attack on Mournhold.
  • The Nerevarine will be rewarded the ring after Tribunal's main questline has been completed.


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  • The message informing the Nerevarine that they have picked up the ring may not appear.
    • Drop the ring and pick it back up.

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