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Barilzar is a Dunmer mage in who resides in Odirniran, having made the tower his headquarters. Barilzar once worked under Sotha Sil as his apprentice, and has now retired to work on his own projects. He will help you during the main quest of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.


Divine InquiriesEdit

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Main Quest: Divine Inquiries

"Such displeasure and disappointment! Nothing works even though every calculation is precise. And now an interruption. How infuriating! Wait, wait. Sometimes the Great Gear turns from frustration to oppurtunity..."

Do you know anything about divine energy? "Divine energy? I'll have you know I participated in Lord Sotha Sil's Nine Analyses of the Exalted Enigmas. But we have more important matters. I'm about to determine the correlation between color and time, and I could use another set of hands."
If I help will you answer my questions? "A reciprocal exchange? Interesting, interesting. Yes, I can see the benefits of such an arrangement. Very well. Just activate the crystals in the proper sequence while I modulate the energy flow. Less chance of explosion that way."
What do you want me to do again? "Such a waste, repeating words... Activate the crystals in the proper order. It's all about the colors, like a rainbow. Make a mistake and reset the mechanism using that lever. Unless it explodes. You'd be surprised how often that happens."
All right. I'll see if I can determine the proper sequence. or Like a rainbow. Got it. "You activate the crystals. Look for pure light, not muddled. I'll modulate the energy fluctuations, make sure nothing explodes. If color confounds you, look at the shape. Fewest sides to most. But the Great Gear turns, so be quick, be quick!"
I'm still not sure I understand what you need me to do. "Good help is as rare as the legendary Last Dwemer, but a clockwork is only as strong as its weakest cog. Just work your way up the rainbow. If color isn't clear, examine the crystals. Start with the simplest shape and end with the most complex."
Main Quest: Divine Intervention

"So hard to concentrate and maintain schedules when interruptions constantly occur. Don't they know the Great Gear never pauses in its rotations? So that was you up there? I appreciate the assistance. Daedric entities can be very unpredictable."

Why were Daedra attacking you, Barilzar?

"Ah, I remember! The components for the tonal inverter! Were you able to acquire them?"

Yes, I recovered the sonance generator, the inversion conduit, and the manual clockwork shaft.

"Do you like it, my latest creation? I call it the tonal inverter! Did I mention that already? No matter, it should counteract Sotha Sil's modified staff, at least momentarily. I assume you know how to use this, correct?"

No, I don't know how to use the tonal inverter.
Main Quest: Divine Restoration

"Interesting. Summoned by a Daedric Prince and her mortal mouthpiece. I was right in the middle of a crucial experiment, but I suppose I can spare a few clicks of the cog for Azura and my erstwhile assistant. So, did you break the tonal inverter?"

No, the tonal inverter worked fine. Azura wants you to help me get to the Clockwork City.

"Look at that! Daedric creatures in such a sacred place! Makes me so angry I can barely calculate our odds of survival. We need to deal with Barbas's minions. And by we, I definitely mean you. I'm a thinker, not a fighter."

You think Barbas was able to enter the Clockwork City?

"Look at the craftsmanship. The attention to detail. Sotha Sil is a true master. Amazing, isn't it? Such intricate work on something so small. Well, are you ready to go inside?"

That's the Clockwork City? It's so small! "Precisely! Oh, I see your concern. Forgot you haven't been here before. Use the entrance and you'll shrink down and get drawn inside. I understand that some of Sotha Sil's first entry methods had intended effects, but now it's perfectly safe."
But why is the Clockwork City inside a globe? "Where else would you put it? Besides, once we get inside, it's much bigger than it looks. My former master said that working in miniature enhanced his precision. And it made it much more convenient to hide away and store. Now in you go!"

"The shrinking sensation takes a bit to get used to. If you begin to feel ill, please make sure to point all your orifices away from my general direction."

"Vivec's energy, it flows through Sunna'rah! That's how Barbas is able to circumvent the city's defenses! But why is he waiting over there? I'll never understand what motivates these Daedra."

Did we really shrink into a miniature city?

"I disabled most of the defenses in this section, but Sotha Sil installed numerous safeguards. I advise caution, just in case. Barbas is ahead of us, but I know many paths through the city. We're just like the fox that chased the hound!"

But can we really catch up to Barbas?


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