Baron Volag was a Redguard and the rebel leader of the Forebears during the civil war in Hammerfell following Thassad II's death.


When Thassad II died, Hammerfell was plunged into a bloody civil war. While his son, crown prince A'Tor, tried to reunite the cities of Hammerfell, it was Volag's army that took the capital, Sentinel, after an event known as Volag's Purge A'Tor was forced to fall back to his seat of power, Port Hunding, on Stros M'kai. When the Forebears began losing the Civil War, Volag and the other Forebear leaders made a pact with Tiber Septim, which would result in a Forebear victory. However, shortly after the victory, Volag disappeared, resulting in Hammerfell completely falling to the Empire's rule, with Volag's capital, Sentinel, being ruled by the Imperial governor Senecus Goddkey. He would later return with a rebellious force to retake Sentinel, when at the same time another rebellious force took over Stros M'Kai under the command of Iszara, Basil and Cyrus. Following these events Tiber Septim himself came to Stros M'Kai to work out a treaty between the three factions, which resulted in Hammerfell wanting to join the Empire instead of it being its subject.


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