Baron Volag was a Redguard and the rebel leader of the Forebears during the civil war in Hammerfell following Thassad II's death.[1]


When Thassad II died, Hammerfell was plunged into a bloody civil war between the Crowns and the Forebears.[1] While his son, crown prince A'Tor, tried to reunite the cities of Hammerfell, Volag's army took the capital, Sentinel, after an event known as Volag's Purge.[2] A'Tor was forced to fall back to his seat of power, Port Hunding, on Stros M'kai.[1] When the Forebears began losing the Civil War, Volag and the other Forebear leaders made a pact with Tiber Septim, which would result in a Forebear victory.[1][2] However, shortly after the victory, Volag disappeared,[2] resulting in Hammerfell completely falling to the Empire's rule,[2] with Volag's capital, Sentinel, being ruled by the Imperial governor Senecus Goddkey.[3] He would later return with a rebellious force to retake Sentinel, when at the same time another rebellious force took over Stros M'Kai under the command of Iszara, Basil and Cyrus.[4] Following these events Tiber Septim himself came to Stros M'Kai to work out a treaty between the three factions, which resulted in Hammerfell wanting to join the Empire instead of it being its subject.[5]



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