Bashnag is an Orsimer spellsword and the leader of the necromancers found inside Southfringe Sanctum.


The mages found in the sanctum are a group of necromancers that are forced to practice their school of magic in hiding. Bashnag put a curse on Selveni Nethri so that she could not cast any spells, and threw her in the spider's pit. She survived, and asks the Dragonborn to clear the Cave so that she can escape.


The Savior of Selveni NethriEdit

Bashnag can be challenging to defeat, even for a higher-level character. During the fight he summons Frost Atronachs and attacks using Frost and Shock spells. When out of Magicka he will attack using his staff and mace. But with a high sneak skill, Bashnag can easily be defeated with a simple sneak attack. Unlike the other spellswords, Bashnag will only switch to his weapon when his magicka is depleted.


  • Bashnag is one of the few characters that wears a piece of Ancient Nord Armor.
  • Bashnag is one of the only two orc mages in Skyrim, barring potentially the Dragonborn. The other is Urag gro-Shub, the College of Winterhold's Librarian.


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  •  PS3   An Arch Necromancer may spawn instead of Bashnag. However, once killed, the Dragonborn will still receive the quest update for killing Bashnag.
  • If the Staff of Zombies or the Raise Zombie spell is used on Bashnag, the caster will be unable to summon him, and the he will be displayed as an Arch Necromancer. However, the Necromancer still carries the same loot as Bashnag.


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