Bashuk gra-Bat is an Orsimer Commoner who resides in her house in Caldera in the West Gash on Vvardenfell, Morrowind.


Together with her accomplice Bugrol gro-Bagul, she is involved in illegal activities, as the Nerevarine can find out during the quest called "Favors for Orcs."


Favors for OrcsEdit

Bashuk gra-Bat is the receiver of a the Note from Bugrol. She gives the Nerevarine the Note from Bashuk to deliver to Bugrol gro-Bagul in turn.


Greeting "You got a note from Bugrol to me? Where that fool get himself? He not smart like me, you know."

note from Bugrol "Yeah, that Bugrol always getting in trouble. Not me, though. I'm too smart. He a good hider, but I'm a better finder. I'll find him near tree and rock and other rock. No problem. He feel better if you take this note to him, if you can find him. I bet you not as good a finder as me. Not even close, I bet. But, give it a try, big shot."


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