"Hmph. What a boring conversation."
―Bassianus Axius[src]


Bassianus Axius is a Nord who lives with Klimmek in Ivarstead and is the love interest of Fastred.


Bassianus tends to act somewhat arrogant and snarky. He appears to be tired of his daily life in Ivarstead.


He lives with his friend, Klimmek, in his home in Ivarstead. He is eager to leave his boring life in Ivarstead, but his lover holds him put in the village. He spends his time in the Vilemyr Inn.


The Book of LoveEdit

Bassianus is the one that has the affection of Fastred and wants her to move to Riften with him.

After the quest is complete, he will leave Ivarstead for Riften regardless of the outcome of the quest and can be seen wandering around the Riften Market.


He is one of the many friendly NPCs that are held prisoner by a Master Vampire in the Dawnguard quest "Rescue" given by Florentius Baenius at Fort Dawnguard.


  • Despite having an Imperial-sounding name, Bassianus is a Nord.
  • After moving to Riften he can occasionally be seen using the workbench outside The Scorched Hammer.
  • Though he moves to Riften, Bassianus has the same dialogue option as he did in Ivarstead about High Hrothgar.


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  •  360   PS3   During the Rescue quest given by Florentius Baenius, the location of the Master Vampire and Bassianus will be different. The vampire will be in the radiant location while Bassianus will be standing in Riften. Starting dialogue with him should allow the quest to be finished.


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