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Battle at Nchurdamz is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Speak to Hrundi.
  2. Head to Nchurdamz and speak to Larienna Macrina outside.
  3. Head inside and look for a locked trapped door.
  4. Either pick the lock or search for the key in a trapped chest.
  5. Kill Hrelvesuu
  6. Return to Hrundi.

Detailed walkthrough

Speak to Hrundii, who will tell the Nerevarine about a member of the Fighters Guild who needs help at a Dwarven ruin. The quickest way to get there is to travel from Molag Mar or, if Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies has been completed, the Nerevarine can head south south from Halymaron (where the hidden temple of Azura is located).

Head to the ruin and speak to Larienna Macrina inside who needs assistance hunting a Daedroth. Head into the ruin until reaching a chamber containing lava, look for a trapped chest and either open it and face the poison damage or use a probe and disable it. Get the key from inside and look for a locked door, then open it with the key and kill Hrelvesuu a unique Daedroth inside. If Larienna Macrina dies, the Nerevarine will lose Disposition with Hrundi. Head back to Hrundi to complete the quest.


  • 500GoldIcon


Battle at Nchurdamz
Hrundi asked me to meet a Larienna Macrina at the ruins of Nchurdamz, a Dwemer ruin far south of Sadrith Mora.
  • Quest accepted
I declined to help Larienna on her crusade. Perhaps I'll reconsider.
I agreed to help Larienna explore the ruins of Nchurdamz. She seeks a "great beast" deep within the ruins.
I fought by Larienna Macrina's side. It was a mighty battle.
The great Larienna met her demise by my own hand. Hrundi need only know she fell in battle.
Larienna fought boldly, but alas, she fell in battle. I should inform Hrundi.
The Daedroth Hrelvesuu is slain. I should report back to Hrundi.
Hrundi rewarded me for assisting Larienna Macrina explore the ruins of Nchurdamz.
  • Quest complete
Hrundi was furious that Larienna was dead. I will have to be more careful to earn his trust.
  • Quest complete

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