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The Battle atop Mount Anthor was a battle between the Nords under Olaf One-Eye and the dragon known as Numinex at the summit of Mount Anthor during the War of Succession in the First Era.[1] During the War of Succession, the Jarls of Skyrim were bitterly divided over who would succeed King Borgas as High King, and thus were unable to unite and defeat Numinex, who was ravaging their holds.[1] However, Olaf One-Eye, Jarl of Whiterun, took a few of his most trusted warriors and ventured to the top of Mount Anthor, the home of Numinex.[1]

At the beginning of the battle, Olaf assaulted Numinex using his axe and shield. They fought each other for several days. However, Numinex and Olaf were too evenly matched for either to secure victory.[1] Angry at the ineffectivness of his weapons, Olaf summoned up his anger and projected it through his Thu'um. Numinex responded with his own Dragon Shouts.[1] The power of their shouts split the sky and shattered the stones around them.[1]

Finally, Numinex collapsed from injury and exhaustion.[1] Olaf took Numinex back to Whiterun and imprisoned him inside Dragonsreach.[1] Olaf's victory over Numinex gave him the reputation and trust needed to be chosen as the new High King of Skyrim.[1]



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