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"I am to join General Tullius in the final attack on Windhelm, putting an end to the Stormcloak rebellion, once and for all."
Last Dragonborn[src]


The Battle for Windhelm is the final Imperial Legion quest, ordered by General Tullius, who wishes to take over the city of Windhelm to find Ulfric Stormcloak and force him to submit. After doing the quest 'Battle for Fort Amol' Legate Rikke will order you to meet outside Windhelm for General Tullius' speech. After an inspirational speech by General Tullius, the Dragonborn fights through waves of Stormcloak soldiers alongside the Legionnaires. The Palace of the Kings is then raided, where Ulfric and his right-hand man Galmar Stone-Fist await. Once Ulfric is defeated, he will request that the Dragonborn be the one to kill him, as it would "make for a better song," although the Dragonborn can refuse and allow General Tullius to strike the final blow.

After Ulfric and Galmar are defeated, General Tullius will reward the Dragonborn with a leveled sword. Upon returning to Windhelm, Brunwulf Free-Winter will become the new Jarl and will offer the Dragonborn the title of Thane of Eastmarch as well as the opportunity to buy Hjerim, the house available in Windhelm (12,000). At this point the city is now under Imperial control, thus the Stormcloak guards are replaced by Imperial Soldiers.



  • After completing this quest, it is possible that going to the docks causes "Windhelm Docks Discovered" to be shown and marking an icon for it on the map. It should be noted that the icon will not disappear when using the console command tmm.
  • During this battle, Stormcloak Soldiers will keep spawning if the Dragonborn stays in one area too long, or if the Dragonborn goes into an area without breaking down the barricades for the Imperial Soldiers to join the fight.
  • After Ulfric has just been killed is a good time to loot the palace if desired. A room upstairs via the first door on the left after entering the palace is filled with the Stormcloak-aligned Jarls and their housecarls, many of whom are unkillable, (but not all).
  • After General Tullius is done making his speech, both he and Legate Rikke will leave, but the group of Imperial soldiers will not.
  • It is impossible to betray General Tullius at this point, he cannot be killed.
  • Once killed, the bodies of Stormcloaks de-spawn almost instantly, making looting them very difficult.
  • It is possible for a dragon to spawn during the battle outside the palace.
  • If Tullius and Rikke and all the imperial soldiers are killed using console commands after the speech, Ulfric and Galmar's body will not disappear from the Palace of the Kings, but Tullius, Rikke and all the Imperial Soldiers' bodies disappear.
  • If Durnehviir or Odahviing are summoned during the battle, they will only kill Stormcloaks, and not Imperial soldiers.
  • It is possible to darken the sky with Bloodcursed Elven Arrows from inside Windhelm; the effect will then last through the fight and ensuing victory speech.
  • After the quest is over, if the Dragonborn talks to Rikke she'll say she expects them to clear out any Stormcloak camps they come across, however, the Stormcloak officers in those camps will still be essential so they can't be killed.
  • After General Tullius's speech, Legate Rikke hints that another war with the Aldmeri Dominion is approaching.
  • There are catapults at the Eastmarch Imperial Camp which can be activated to launch catapults at the city. This has no known effect on the quest, however.


This section contains bugs related to Battle for Windhelm. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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