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As the Sword-Singers met, a knocking rang on their door. When they opened the door, there was a guardian from the Bankorai Pass, wounded and near death. He told them of betrayal in the north, an invasion from their own ally, King Joile of Daggerfall. The sword singers quickly gathered their weapons and rushed to the pass.


They flew to the pass hoping that they would not be late. They arrived just at the point where the last three guardians were overwhelmed by the horde. Into the pass they ran forming a battle line, six abreast.

They fought for hours. Julia was the first to fall, a cowardly poisoned dagger finding a rent in her armor. Makela Leki's sword, Ebonarm, adorned with the serpent's crest, fashioned by the master sword smith Singer Tansal broke in her hands. All was lost, the other four were cut down. Now many of the forces of Daggerfall would pour through the pass and capture Sentinel.

Makela picked up her other sword, Shehai, the spirit sword. She slew mightily, right and left, like a scythe through wheat. All the way to King Joile she fought. With one blow she cut his magical armor asunder, one more took his head. But during the battle she had collected wounds by the dozen.


With the felling of King Joile, his army crumbled. They fled before her wrath. All ran back through the pass not even pausing to collect their dead and wounded. All who could stand ran for their lives, and she slew all who she could reach. With her enemies dead or fleeing she laid down on a boulder, and died.


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