The Battle of Bodrum was a battle in the Four-Score War in 1E 2920. It was fought between the armies of Emperor Reman III and the Dunmer god Vivec.[source?]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Rear flank of the Imperial army was under direct command of Emperor Reman, left flank was under command of Queen Naghea of Riverhold, right flank was under Warchief Ulaqth of Lilmoth, while Lord Storig of Farrun was at the vanguard.[source?]

Before the battle Dunmer soldiers cut down all the trees on the banks of river Pryai and built a dam to flood the plain below it. During the battle, the Imperial armies were almost unable to move because of this. Dunmer attacked them from the bluffs with ranged weapons and spells and the Imperials couldn't defend themselves. After a while, the Dunmer destroyed the dam, washing the left flank and the vanguard down river and into a net of spears, another trap set by Vivec's armies.[source?]

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