"The battle was over a small, but politically significant, island at the western edge of the Bay, near the Abecean Sea. At the final battle of the war, the bloody Battle of Cryngaine Field, both kings were killed."
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall User's Guide[src]

The Battle of Cryngaine Field was the final battle of the War of Betony, and was fought between Sentinel and Daggerfall in 3E 403, and took place in the Cryngaine Field. The battle was part of a bigger war to gain control of the island of Betony. The battle began as an average battle, however a sudden unnatural fog spread over Cryngaine Field, blinding the soldiers. When the mist lifted it was discovered that an arrow had killed King Lysandus, fired from a blinded Sentinel archer. However, unbeknownst to everyone except Gothryd and a few other people, it was not the king who died, but instead an impersonator, while Lysandus was actually leaving the battle.[1]

Prince Gothryd, King Lysandus' son, was crowned the new king of Daggerfall, and quickly took control of the armies of Daggerfall. The battle began to turn in Daggerfall's favor as the army's morale was boosted at the sight of their new king. Challenging Camaron in a duel in the mist of the battle, Gothryd slew King Camaron of Sentinel.[2] Panicked by the death of their king, the armies of Sentinel panicked. Lord Oresme, one of Sentinel's commanders, formally surrendered to Daggerfall, giving up all rights to Betony. On the march back to Sentinel, he committed suicide because of the loss. As part of the formal peace treaty King Gothryd asked for the hand of Princess Aubk-i, the only daughter of the King Camaron and Queen Akorithi, as an attempt to keep peace in the region.[1][3]


The marriage of Gothryd and Aubk-i was partially successful, as while the marriage was intended for peace, many members of the royal courts of Sentinel viewed the princess as more a prisoner of war than a royal marriage to Daggerfall.

Meanwhile, leaving to Tamarilyne Point, Lysandus and Woodborne were discussing the king's retirement as a group of Minat orcs meet the group, which are allied to Woodborne. Woodborne uses the orcs as an excuse to leave the group, and then after they are some ways away, commands the orcs to go kill Lysandus, who do so, and bury the body in a silver casket in a catacomb near Tamarilyne Point. This murder after the Battle of Cryngaine Field directly leads to the events that start The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.[1]


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