The Battle of Giant's Gap was a conflict between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks that possibly took place at or near Stonehill Bluff. The battle started as an Imperial ambush on an unsuspecting group of Stormcloaks. The Stormcloaks were able to form a shield-wall and hold off the Imperial attack for hours.


The area known as "Giant's Gap" is not a marked location on the Skyrim map. In Holdings of Jarl Gjalund, it is said that the Nordic ruin Volunruud is located near a place called Giant's Gap. This could mean that Giant's Gap refers to the area known as Stonehill Bluff.

The Heljarchen Hall Charter further supports the area being Stonehill Bluff, where Heljarchen Hall is located south of Fort Dunstad and close to Giant's Gap. 



  1. The only mentioning of the battle comes from a deceased Stormcloak found in Sovngarde who died before the battle ended.[source?]
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