"It was on this tor that King Ranser put his ultimate plan into motion to defeat King Emeric and his dastardly allies. Using an arcane ritual provided by the court magician, Reezal-Jul, the brilliant King Ranser transformed his most loyal and devoted soldiers into a force that would stand for the ages."
Serinal Gane[src]

The Battle of Markwasten Moor was a battle in King Ranser's War, the civil war between the great houses of Rivenspire led by King Ranser of Shornhelm and the First Daggerfall Covenant with the Orcish armies of Orsinium led by High King Emeric and King Kurog gro-Bagrakh. The battle was fought in Markwasten Moor, which is a region of Rivenspire. After the season long siege on Wayrest, Ranser's army was pushed back into Rivenspire and the houses began to lose hope on Ranser.[1]

Ranser was desperate to win and refused to give up. Emeric's emissaries traveled to the Wrothgarian Mountains to make an agreement between Kurog and the Covenant. If the Orcs helped the Covenant, Emeric would give back Orsinium which was destroyed in the first era. When Ranser's forces were cornered and the army lost significant numbers, Ranser's remaining soldiers fled to a nameless tor, where Ranser's fate was ultimately decided.[1][2]



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