"The Western Reach was at war. Cuhlecain, the King of Falkreath in West Cyrodiil, was in a bad situation. To make any bid at unifying the Colovian Estates, he needed to secure his northern border, where the Nords and Reachmen had been fighting for centuries. He allies with Skyrim at the Battle of Old Hrol'dan. Leading his forces was Hjalti Early-Beard."

The Battle of Old Hroldan or the Sack of Old Hroldan was a historical conflict during the Interregnum in 2E 852. The attack on Old Hroldan is very significant for the history of the Third Empire, it was where Hjalti Early-Beard was discovered and lead to the beginning of the Tiber Wars.

History[edit | edit source]

Second Era[edit | edit source]

During the Interregnum in 2E 852, King Cuhlecain of Falkreath sought to unite the Colovian Estates but needed to secure the northern border near The Reach. With the help of his Nordic allies, Cuhlecain's Colovian army under the administration of Hjalti Early-Beard had invaded the fortress of Old Hroldan. Hjalti was renowned for being a shrewd tactician and was able to force the Reachmen back into Old Hroldan with what little fighters he had at disposal. The siege of Old Hroldan was seemingly impossible until after one stormy night, Hjalti appeared before the gates and broke through it with the power of his Thu'um. Early-Beard's forces stormed the fortress and defeated the Reachmen, bringing victory to the city-state of Falkreath. The Nords of Hjalti's forces were in awe of their leader's power and became to call him, Hjalti Talos, which means Stormcrown. With his newly-invincible general, Cuhlecain reunited the Colovian West and conquered the Nibenay, establishing himself as Emperor Zero. His reign would come to an end when he was assassinated, and Talos, now under the name of Tiber Septim established the Third Empire and began the Tiber Wars. After the Battle of Old Hroldan, the view of the Reachmen deteriorated, making them out as a barbaric bunch, irrational and unwilling to reason with, basically animalistic.[1][2]

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