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The Battle of Pale Pass was an important conflict during the First Akaviri Invasion of Tamriel. During this invasion, the armies of Akavir surrendered at the location known as Pale Pass, on learning that Reman Cyrodiil was Dragonborn.[1]


The Akaviri invasion began in 1E 2700,[1] first making battle throughout Skyrim with both Nords and dragons.[2] Following this, the Akaviri forces established a headquarters at Pale Pass in the Jerall Mountains, which was becoming increasingly isolated due to the encroaching winter.[3] The fort was ultimately consumed by a landslide, possibly before the battle itself.[4]


Some accounts refer to the battle as a siege,[5] while others suggest it was a pitched battle.[1] Regardless of its location, the accounts agree that the Tsaesci surrendered on meeting Reman, claiming they were looking for a Dragonborn and they had now found one.[6] Some sources also suggest that Vivec and the Dunmer also took part in this battle.[7]


  • The Akaviri are defeated, and Cyrodiil is victorious.
  • Some elements of the Akaviri army were granted amnesty, and formed the basis for a new Imperial army.[8]
    • Of particular note, the Dragonguard, the precursors to the Blades, swear allegiance to Reman.[2]
  • Kantus Jeril, the First Count of Chorrol, is appointed based on his bravery during this battle.[9]
  • Morrowind, particularly the Tribunal, gave significant aid to the forces, although soon afterwards, the Reman Empire turned on Morrowind, in the Four Score War.[10]


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