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For the book, see The Battle of Red Mountain.

The Battle of Red Mountain was a battle that marked the culmination of the War of the First Council in 1E 700. It was fought between the Dwemer, the Chimer Great House Dagoth, against the remaining Great Houses of the Chimer. Some sources claim that the battle also involved the Nords looking to rebuild their old empire,[1] and others claim that Orcs and even some Khajiit were present.[2][3]


The Chimer and the Dwemer had a long history of war between their peoples, on account of longstanding religious and cultural differences.[4]

Several accounts attribute the war to simple cultural differences between the Dwemer and the Chimer that were too great to allow for peace.[5] The event that began the march to war was the discovery by House Dagoth that the Dwemer had discovered the Heart of Lorkhan beneath Red Mountain.[4]

This led to heated negotiations between Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking. Upon being told by Azura that the Dwemer were building a new god under the mountain, Nerevar and the Tribunal issued an ultimatum to the Dwemer to stop work on their new god, or face destruction.[4] Dumac, ignorant of the work Kagrenac had done on the Heart, refused. And so the Chimer and Dwemer went to war.[6] Another account states that Wulfharth was resurrected to lead an army of orcs, Nords, and members of House Dagoth against the Chimer, and reconquer territory they lost when their first empire fell.[1]


Several sources agree that the battle happens when Nerevar draws most of the Dwemer away from Red Mountain,[4][6] while others indicate that the battle was an ambush,[1] or as a final last stand of the Dwemer with an array of allies from other provinces,[7] or as a combined ambush of the Nords by both the Dwemer and the Chimer.[1]

The exact details of the battle are also unclear, although all agree that both the Dwemer and House Dagoth are defeated during the battle. Those sources that claim other sides are present at the battle also say they are defeated.[3][8]

Confrontation in the Heart Chamber[]

The main confrontation is likely to have been a diversion, during which Nerevar and the future Tribunal, along with their ally Voryn Dagoth, either by stealth or some form of treason from within the Dwemer and House Dagoth forces, infiltrated the chamber where the Heart of Lorkhan was kept.[3][6]

Once inside, the infiltrators confronted Dumac and chief Tonal Architect Kagrenac in the chamber where the Heart of Lorkhan was. Dumac is slain during the confrontation, either by Nerevar[6], Wulfharth,[1] or a Khajiit named Dro'Zira.[2]

Those narratives which support the Tribunal Temple and the subsequent political order of Morrowind suggest that Nerevar died of his wounds shortly after the battle.[8][7] Others, particularly the Ashlander tradition, state the Nerevar was murdered by the Tribunal in the aftermath of the battle.[4][9]

The disappearance of the Dwemer was caused by the events that happened in this chamber. This was either from the Tribunal using Kagrenac's Tools on the Heart of Lorkhan guided by Azura,[4] or when Kagrenac turned the Tools on the Heart himself during the battle.[6]


Either directly following the battle,[4] or some years after,[6] the Tribunal use Kagrenac's Tools on the Heart of Lorkhan to tap its power and make themselves gods. Azura curses them for blasphemy, turning the golden-skinned Chimer into the grey-skinned Dunmer, and prophesying Nerevar's return.[4][9]

House Dagoth are defeated along with the Dwemer, with some sources claiming they were exterminated.[3][7] There may have been some remnants of the House that were adopted into the other Great Houses.[10]

Source comparison[]

Vivec's account
Ashlander account
Dagoth Ur's account
Five Songs of King Wulfharth
The prospect of a Nord invasion unites the Dwemer and Chimer.
Dagoth Ur discovers the Heart of Lorkhan and the Dwemer's plans.
Dagoth Ur warns Nerevar and the Tribunal
Dagoth Ur tells the Nords, betraying the Tribunal
Nerevar and the Tribunal declare war on the Dwemer, no mention of Nords
Nords declare war on the Chimer and Dwemer, lead by Wulfharth
Kagrenac uses his Tools on the Heart, causing the Dwemer to disappear
Nerevar separates the Heart from the Dwemer, causing them to disappear
(No mention)
Nerevar kills Dumac, and is mortally wounded
Nerevar kills Dumac, and is considerably wounded
(No mention)
One song claims Wulfharth kills Dumac. Another song claims Dagoth Ur kills Dumac.
Dagoth Ur is entrusted with Kagrenac's Tools
(No mention)
Nerevar makes the Tribunal swear to never use the Tools
(No mention)
Nerevar evidently succumbs to his wounds after confronting Dagoth Ur
The Tribunal murder Nerevar before confronting Dagoth Ur
Nerevar dies some time after confronting Dagoth Ur.
Wulfharth kills Nerevar in the midst of the battle.
Nerevar and the Tribunal return to Dagoth Ur, who had been driven mad by the Tools
The Tribunal return to Dagoth Ur, who refuses to give up the Tools after he realizes they betrayed Nerevar
Nerevar and the Tribunal return to Dagoth Ur, who try to take the Tools and so betray him.
(No mention)
Dagoth Ur is killed by Nerevar
Dagoth Ur is killed by the Tribunal
Dagoth Ur is killed by Nerevar


  • The etched tablets on the slopes of High Hrothgar suggest that Jurgen Windcaller was present at a battle at Red Mountain. According to this Windcaller and his tongues "went away humbled."[11] There is no indication that Windcaller was present at the battle in 1E 700, as there is little information available on this battle, if it occurred. This could merely be another facet of the Red Moment.[UL 1]



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