The Battle of Skingrad occurred in the year 1E 478 pitting the massive Alessian armies of Emperor Gorieus against the smaller armies of Skingrad led by King Rislav.

After King Rislav assassinated his brother Dorald Larich and took his throne. Emperor Goreius responded by sending a large army of legionaries to retake the city from Rislav.

King Rislav greeted Emperor Goreius in a pass close to the city by telling him that his army was too large to be accommodated in the tiny Kingdom of Skingrad and that next time he should write Rislav before he arrives. Goreius, being the serious man he was, believed that Rislav must be insane and ordered his guards to detain him, but at that moment King Rislav gave a signal to his army hiding in the Pass to attack the Alessian army, catching them by complete surprise. After this, King Rislav retreated his armies west, baiting the Alessian armies to follow them into the Highlands.


  1. Rislav the Righteous