Vvardenfell Battleground

Players facing off against each other in the Foyada Quarry battleground

Battlegrounds are PvP locations in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. In a battleground, three teams consisting of four players are pitted against each other in different gamemodes. Currently, battlegrounds are only available to people that have purchased the Morrowind chapter.






A number of battlegrounds have been found in the files or previewed, but have not yet been publicly added to the game. They are as follows: (Codenamed battlegrounds without finished names are in italics)


  • Team Deathmatch – Find and destroy enemy player characters with each kill granting your team points.[1]
  • Capture the Flag – Capture your enemies' flags and return them to your base while carefully defending your own.[1]
  • Domination – Seek out, capture, and hold special locations on the map to earn your team points. A captured point will grant your team points for as long you have it.[1]
  • Chaosball – Added in Update 15[2] (Originally called Murderball)[6]
  • Crazy King – Seek out and capture banners that move around the map at random. Hold them to earn your team points, but be sure to always keep moving, as no capture point will ever stay in one place for long, and new ones are added as the game progresses! (Added in Update 16)[8]
  • (Unreleased) Keep and Resources[6]
  • (Unreleased) Assault[6]
  • (Unreleased) Infection[6]
  • (Unreleased) Rugby[6]
  • (Unreleased) Triple Death Banner[6]
  • (Unreleased) Multiflag[6]


Battleground Banners Concept Art
  • Pit Daemons (Green)[1]
  • Fire Drakes (Orange)[1]
  • Storm Lords (Purple)[1]


  • The names of the teams originate from The Elder Scrolls: Arena, in the early stages of development, cities in Tamriel had gladiatorial teams that were going to fight each other in a tournament setting. The teams were going to the cities of Helstrom (Pit Daemons), Torval (Firedrakes), and Narsis (Stormlords).[UL 1]



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  1. Go Blades!

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