For the quest, see Battlehorn Castle (Quest).

Battlehorn Castle is located west of Chorrol near the end of the Black Road as it heads towards Hammerfell. It becomes a home for the Hero when the quest "Battlehorn Castle" has been completed. This large magnificent castle comes with the official plug-in Fighter's Stronghold.

Battlehorn Castle CourtyardEdit

Just inside the entrance of the castle is the Castle courtyard, which features stables to the east, and a smithy with the blacksmith's house to the west. The stone walls are accessible via two sets of staircases opposite each other. The four towers on the corners of the courtyard are accessible, as are the gatehouse towers. Each of the towers has storage space inside.

The west portion of flat roof is accessible via the Secret Vault in the private bedroom area next to the library.

Just outside the gates, Southeast along the road, is a pond with a boat dock and a wooden boat. To the left of the dock is a Nirnroot and underwater beneath the boat is a treasure chest and a cluster of clams. Another cluster of clams can be found behind a rock further along in the pond.

Courtyard GalleryEdit

Battlehorn Castle Great HallEdit

The Main entrance takes the Hero to the Great Hall Foyer. To the left is an entrance to the Northwest tower and the basement. The Knights of the True Horn's barracks and another basement entrance is to the left past the stairs, to the right before the stairs at the wall is their very own mini-altar (Altar of Julianos) - if they visit the relevant wayshrine this will be activated, past the stairs is an entrance to the East Wing, and straight through is the Trophy Room.

Up the stairs is another entrance to the east wing on the right, and an entrance to the Private Quarters on the left. A nirnroot grows on the Wolf's pedestal, hidden at the back behind the rock. On the second level, there is the King skill book on a table.

Great Hall GalleryEdit

Battlehorn Castle East WingEdit

The east wing contains the Dining Room in the north section, and the Taxidermist's office in the south section.

East Wing GalleryEdit

Battlehorn Castle Private QuartersEdit

The Private Quarters houses the bedroom, library, private dining area, office, and secret vault area. The bedroom contains a bed, a few drawers, tables, closet, and bookshelf. There are two skill books in the library on the shelf, History of the Fighters Guild and Heavy Armor Repair. There are two more skill books on one of the dressers near the bed, 2920, vol 01 - Morning Star and Warrior.

The entrance to the secret room is on the south of the library nook, just pull the switch on the side of the depression in the wall, inside is storage containers, a trap door to the roof, and Lord Jaren's Journal.

Once all the of upgrades are purchased (including the Dwemer Forge), Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark will spawn in a chest at the end of the bed.

Private Quarters GalleryEdit

Battlehorn Castle BasementEdit

The basement has three entrances, two from the Great Hall and one from the East Wing. The Training Room, Kitchen, and Wine Cellar are all located on this level, along with a couple of small bedrooms and a hidden entrance to the Battlehorn Castle Grotto behind the archery range, one can access it by activating a candelabre. There is also a secret passage from the basement to the great hall through the wine cellar.

Basement GalleryEdit

Battlehorn Castle GrottoEdit

The Grotto, accessed from the training room in the basement, is the lowest level of the Castle. To find it, go to the room with the dummy used for archery. Go behind the dummy to the right side and activate the unlit candelabra. Inside are two hostile undead, Lord Kain and Arielle Jurard-a skeleton and lich, respectively.

For more details on the two, see Battlehorn Castle (Quest) and Lord Jaren's Journal. After defeating Arielle, loot a key from her corpse that unlocks a chest in the South-west side of the room submerged in water along the wall. One can also get a unique enchanted sword from Kain along with an enchanted shield.

If the Hero cast a spell while close enough to the giant crystal in the center of the room, it will glow more brightly for a brief time. If they cast a high level lightning spell like electrocution at it the effect lasts for a while and is quite striking. There is yet to discover if this has any other benefits than looking nice. There are three Varla Stones in the grotto too.

Grotto GalleryEdit


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