"The garrison is ours! You imbeciles will soon witness the Empire's true strength!"
―Battlemages Papus[src]

Battlemage Papus is an Imperial member of the Seventh Legion found in the Bangkorai Garrison.


Storming the GarrisonEdit


Storming the Garrison

Battlemage Papus: "The king's champion is coming, Magnus-General. Should we make an example of this fool?"
Septima Tharn: "It's not "we", Papus. It's "you". I have other matters to attend to. Finish the ceremony first, then deal with the interloper."
Battlemage Papus: "Yes, of course. The dark anchor first, then the ... interloper. Thank you for this honor, Magnus-General. Glory to the Empire!"
Septima Tharn: "Glory to the Lord of Brutality, Papus. Glory to Molag Bal."


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